Konnichiwa Club

In Japanese, "Konnichiwa" means "hello." It is a common word used during first time introductions and expresses the essence of our group.

The Konnichiwa Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to introducing Japanese culture to people in Atlanta. Before our club was founded, some people promoted Japanese culture to various local organizations by themselves. However, they found this to be difficult.

Finally, in 1994, some of the people gathered and founded the Konnichiwa Club. Currently we have about twenty members.


Konnichiwa club is a 501C-3 non-profit Japanese Culture organization with no political or religious affiliation. Our organization was formed in 1994 and was officially established in 2000.

Board members:
Yoshie Brant, Mayumi Stella, Yoko Calhoun, Satomi Ogiso, Yuri Ansari, Mika Burks, Junko Dickel, Yaeko Itoh, Nobue Niitani, Hideo Tada, Tom Yamamoto, Rie Sato

2014 Officers:


Yoshie Brandt


Yoko Calhoun

Executive Program Director

Yoshie Brandt

Kimono Director

Satomi Ogiso

Japanese Language Director

Satomi Fu

Calligraphy Director

Rie Sato

Japanese Origami Director

Yoshie Brandt


Mayumi Stella


Michiko Yamagishi, Nobie Niitani

Brochure production /Publication

Mika Burks

Public Relations/ Web marketing

Junko Dickel